Addicted to stress

This was me in the beginning, I was addicted to the stress that I felt had to come with success. No stress then no success.

I ignored the chaos as an entrepreneur and it left me with an empty purse.

I was chained to stress, my adrenals were exhausted but I hunted for stress like a starved animal. I could create stress out of zen like calmness if I tried hard enough.

If stress didn’t come to me I found it.

  • From leaving things until the last minute – no matter how important doing the job was.
  • My PAYE career was high on the cortisol level from the action to the long hours and lack of self care in that time such as years of poor diet, not hydrating with anything but tea and coffee
  • Even my hobbies joined in on the game, growing up into my twenties they included kayaking, mountain biking, climbing and anything that would raise the tempo a bit.
  • In my late thirties that became trail and fell running in all weathers and the worse the weather, the more I loved it.

Of course I burnt out. How I thought living my life like that would ever be sustainable I have no idea?

Then I followed my dream and became self employed. I took the challenge of entrepreneurship head on and I knew I’d found my thing.

However just because I had found my thing, IT DIDN’T MEAN I WAS EFFECTIVE AT IT. Shocking revelation that was.

I found myself emerged in the chaos that I’d always loved because I was addicted to stress, but now it was different. Now, it didn’t work for me because now all of my behaviour and my actions mattered as in really mattered on every level.

Because my actions would either bring me results or not.

Chaos lost me time.

Chaos lost me money and resources and energy.

Chaos cost me big time.

So I began to look at it, okay let me own this better; I began to look at myself and my behaviour.


It was worth it and it allowed me to find my focus. I was able to create organisation and structure that in turn streamlined the effectiveness unneeded.

I was able to see where systems needed to go into place and soon my business began to turn around.

How did I achieve this?

Well firstly I needed to know where my time was leaking out so I kept a diary for a month. I wrote what I did, how long it took me, how effective I was and thoughts on how I could manage it better.

I was shocked to read it back to myself. Shocked to see how my comfort zone chaos was sabotaging me on every level.

Not one for dwelling too long I decided to take this situation as a gift and crack on with changing behaviour.

* I saw time wasting and pointless tasks in there that I was doing and I dumped them.

* I smartened up my paperwork, filing, book keeping and certain protocols such as when I sent my invoices out and when I’d go into social media and so on.

* I outsourced jobs and started investing in the structure of my business so I had more time to deliver my service and therefore earn.

* I created routine where my energy was noticeably ‘saggy.’ When I first got into the office, just after lunch and around 4pm were my not so hot spots on energy. I noticed how I would procrastinate more which led to wasting more time that necessary so I created routine which allowed me be productive.

Of course this is the shortened version and I did so much more but these points maybe useful to you however do feel free to add your own in to share.

I’ve been self employed since 2008 and experienced success, failure, struggles and break throughs.

Now I focus on supporting women in business develop a strong resilience as well as coaching in the science of powerful and successful body language communication and fusing this with personal and professional resilience techniques and strategies.

Resilience and effective communication from hiring, pitching, networking, sales, customer management, negotiations, rejections, project management and employee care rank high on the essential list.

Why struggle and do things the long way round? Why be addicted to stress?

Remove the chaos. Remove the stress. Charge up the electricity of your energy and efficiency and make those wins.