You are constantly communicating your message but are you aware of what you are saying?

From the silent signals you give through your body’s movements, gestures and the expressions from your facial movements to the tones and pitches that surround the delivery of your words; you are always communicating.

I support my clients to develop essential life and business skills in communication.  Whether I’m working with individuals who want to develop their personal, social or professional success to working with teams within business in areas such as leadership and management to employee and customer service care.

It isn’t just what we say that gets our message across; it’s how we say it. Our congruency is what builds trust, confidence, connections and opportunities.

“We hired Karen to train our customer service team and it was unanimously agreed that this was the most interesting, informative, enjoyable and interactive training day we’ve ever had. We’ve rebooked!”

J. Greggs, Manchester