The Beta testing, pilot course was amazing!

They are almost through my booked up and sold out first group and I couldn’t be prouder of them all, 14 entrepreneurs struggling to get clients in their diary, struggling to get bums on seats all transformed and ready to go!

Selling can feel uncomfortable, it used to be a real yucky word for me and as for self-promotion…

Once I realised I needed to get a grip because my diary was empty, half of my courses were empty but I just kept telling myself that was okay. It wasn’t because I soon found myself in a financial void where my only 2 options were to make my business work or fold. So I did just that, I made my business work for me and it didn’t take that long to experience getting booked up and sold out.

Booked up and Sold Out course

As a private therapist I saw my business flow and found I was financially stabilising then actually enjoying some financial freedom, I transferred this into my coaching and found I was getting more bookings as a guest speaker, more training days from organisations like Visits Unlimited, The Deep, National Trust, Calderdale Council, Visit England and many others around customer service, communication and attracting those paying clients through the door. Before I knew it I was helping them get booked up and sold out.

So I decided to package this all up and deliver it as my very own programme.

  • Reducing the immediate chaos by streamlining, organising and decluttering where they are at the point of starting the course.
  • Helping clients find their niche, find their ‘thing’ and focus the value of their service in alignment with this.
  • Money money money. We talk about it, we shine a big old light on it and we get price tags on.
  • We then get filling the channels so that their client’s start coming forwards.
  • Making connections, having conversations, body language, reading the situation as to whether theres an immediate sale to pursue or to nurture the connection for later down the line.
  • Following up connections, not everyone enjoys this but it is essential.
  • Having absolute sales conversations in the structured form of knowing your business inside out!
  • Closing sales.
  • Delivering that value and caring for your client’s experiences.

Booked Up and Sold Out gets you Booked Up and Sold Out, I can’t get clearer than that really!

Anyway, the pilot course was fab and I can’t wait to make the adaptions, test it one more time and then roll it out in a BIG WAY.

If you’d like a place on my second pilot course (beta test or whatever it’s meant to be called) Booked Up and Sold Out course then you can; just join my FaceBook Closed Group; Booked Up & Sold Out and message me.


  • Course is online
  • It will be run at half price
  • There will be pre recorded modules but loads of live time with me and Q&A stuff
  • Tonnes of extra resources will be emailed to you to back up each module
  • You need to be in my Booked Up and Sold Out facebook group
  • You’ll need a sense of humour