Surviving in business is, bottom line, about business success. Streamlined efforts and clear directions. Communication that works and financial stability. Confidence, networking and decision making, policies, strategies and boundaries.

It’s a huge package to coordinate and get right but not everyone who goes into business comes from a business trained or business experienced background and here’s the risk. Business success is a fine balance in this fast paced, every changing environment where your competition will make the efforts to work not just as hard as you but even harder.

The mindset of the business leader plays a vital role in either success or failure and over the years as a mindset coach I have had the pleasure of supporting SME’s gather their focus, their skill base and drive their businesses forward with a new type of energy. Working with female entrepreneurs is a huge passion of mine because quite simply; we don’t have enough of them. Business success isn’t about doing this journey in isolation, it is about securing your future through working with the right people.

Burn Money

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To burn money seems like a very daft if not stupid idea? Have you ever SET FIRE to HUNDREDS of pounds and watched it burn? 🔥🔥💷💶💵🔥🔥 My coach asked me this very question a while ago

Your Reason Why

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Do you have a BIG ENOUGH REASON WHY? I'm just asking? WHEN we want to achieve something ... anything... from the weekly shop to taking a day out somewhere to making our life bigger and


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The Beta testing, pilot course was amazing! They are almost through my booked up and sold out first group and I couldn't be prouder of them all, 14 entrepreneurs struggling to get clients in their

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