Check out this page on occasion for your programme / course updates.

Dates, times, prices, packages, special offers and discounts and all of that jazz will be posted on here for you to keep up to date with. I’ve been running courses for some time now and I love it. my programmes and courses have helped women to reshape their lives personally, socially and professionally.

Programme / course updates is an essential page because every time I launch a course I will always launch some free places through a competition of some kind, discount places and special offers. I also spontaneously put free courses on such as my confidence bootcamp but you’d only know that if you are on my Facebook page or on here checking out my updates so let me keep you posted!

All my courses are designed to help you shift some really sticky issues in your life that are holding you back. If you’re ready for the gritty stuff and a lot more success then let’s get started!


2018-10-24T10:23:46+01:00October 24th, 2018|

The Beta testing, pilot course was amazing! They are almost through my booked up and sold out first group and I couldn't be prouder of them all, 14 entrepreneurs struggling to get clients in their

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