Your Signature Programme Delivers Your High Value

Okay so you know you’ve got great experience, great knowledge and you get great results with your client’s BUT you are tired of selling your hours and now realise you’re good to go for selling your valued results.

What is a signature programme?

You package your valued knowledge that is organised in such a way that it takes your client’s through a planned process over an agreed period of time supporting them to get a specific result.

Why have a signature programme?

  • Clear expectations from the objectives and results to the price to time. this works great for clients and for you as well.
  • You create more time in your life / work balance but get paid more.
  • You can vary your price points for example you can have an introductory course, intermediate and expert or masterclass level.
  • So much of the work – once written – is evergreen so you are freed up to continue re running programmes with less administration time however the cost remains the same or increases giving you a much higher income rate. Bottom line is you are scaling your business.
  • Builds your reputation as an expert within your chosen area.
  • You can design your coaching programme in real time with your client, you don’t need to take yourself away for a month or two. Once you’ve worked one client through your programme, assess, adapt and then rinse repeat.

What can your signature programme look like?

It is completely up to you and you can get really creative, mix and match and have fun with finding out how you can deliver your content and support.

  • One-to-ones
  • Group workshops
  • Online pre recorded course
  • Online leverage course (part or all live)
  • Retreats

How and where to start.

You have the expertise and experience so start getting that out of your head and mapped out on paper (or whatever your happy doodling medium is). Below are a few coaching questions to get you started, remember the tighter your area or niche the better.

  • What are you best known for or want to be known for?
  • What are you passionate about changing or achieving and helping others do just that?
  • What do you need to go deeper into creating a very focused objective you can take clients through?
  • Taking the above into consideration, who is your specific client?
  • What is your clients specific pain? Problem? Obstacle?
  • What makes you different? How can you deliver difference from all the other programmes out there?

Planning doesn’t go in a linear fashion so keep a note book and jot ideas as they explode into your mind and explore as you go.

What next?


  • You know WHO your signature programme is for
  • You know WHAT main problem it solves


It’s time to create the actionable material that will award your client the tangible outcomes or results you have laid out. Put the kettle on because this next bit takes some creative focus…

Design the steps your client will take

  • Identify what topics do you need to cover?
  • Create a structured sequence that is easy, recognisable and makes sense to your clients (create your own model and design a visual image of your model).
  • Design your Take-Aways, your extra’s, your done for you’s, your supportive exercises that create added value.
  • Become an author and create your very own eBook to offer as a bonus.

BOOM there you go.

I have created a number of signature programmes now and each one i’ve thoroughly enjoyed designing and now I support other coaches, therapists, trainers and consultants to design their own.

I can not express enough the benefits for you as a professional from the reputation, the freedom around time and of course the financial value that designing a signature programme will give you. I have many clients who start earning £5k+ months when they launch their signature programmes and I was once the biggest skeptic on anyone who claimed they could do that.

Best bit is that once you have the steps mapped out for your client to take you just need one client to work with and once your client has achieved their programme with you, you have the content properly mapped out, tested and ready to go so all you have to do is upscale it and you’re off.

Enjoy designing your very own signature programme.