Once upon a time fairy tales.

A fairy tale in the beginning yes but now it’s real life.

Not to long ago I was in France, then it was straight up to Scotland, a few days at home then on to the Lake District, a brief break except for the up and down’s to London then it was over to NYC for 5 days, across to the other side of the country to Seattle, back to NYC then home to chill for a few weeks before 3 days in Altea in Spain, home for a month and then i’m flying out to Portugal.

…and breath..

I love these places; the people, the mountains, the hills, the food, the wine and all the other sensory rich experiences that I have when I travel.

I spent so many years in job that put me in a spin of confusion. I respected it and the people I worked with but I was unhappy and feeling like I was making little difference no matter what I did, I felt stuck behind the same four walls and I lost my creativity and inspiration. I felt I had lost my edges.

I was stuck in a big wheel and running around it like a crazed hamster and leaving was a fairy tale.

A fairy tale that never stopped pulling me

Once I decided that one day i’d leave that feeling never went away so I gave myself a deadline to leave…

My deadline was; one day.

I waited.

I waited for the time to be right.

I waited.

I waited and then started to complain and whinge a lot.

I waited some more and whinges a lot more.

My deepest apologies to the team I worked with because I must have been a really grumpy git…

But still I waited.

I waited for the right time, the right opportunities, the right amount of savings, the right side of the moon to show, the right anything or a message from the universe.

Once I realised that it was fear that put me in the waiting room then I took a leap. I took a risk (with planning and strategy) but what changed?

I was tired of wishing. Tired of waiting for someone else to come and rescue me from my unhappiness. I was tired of waiting for something else to change my life because I was afraid to admit that I was in charge of my own life and my own choices.

Tough one that.

Once I realised that wishing for my fairy tale wasn’t enough and that this ruddy great white horse with my saviour riding proudly on it’s back was actually my own wisdom, courage and self compassion then I changed my life.

Everyone of you ladies has got this. Everyone of you can do this. I have no doubt. You just have to want it enough to do it.

Find your purpose, dig in with grit and pull us in if you need us.

You do not need to do this alone. Success is never achieved in isolation – whatever that success means to you.

No more waiting for your fairy tale to happen start speaking the language of success now!