Freedom lifestyle this and freedom lifestyle that

What is freedom lifestyle? Of course I got hooked on the concept, who wouldn’t? I was a burning out 30 something who felt she’d peaked without recognising the peak and was heading down the other end. Then all of these little videos of people in their 20’s sitting in their penthouses or poolside in some Spanish villa telling me that I can have this freedom lifestyle and live like i’ve never lived before.

Where do I sign up?

But what am I signing up for? What does it mean to me? The more I looked into it I saw the tinted reality of many of these people who promised me the promise land were hiring our Air BnB’s and pretending. However no matter because I was thinking on it now.

What did I want? I wanted my life back and I wanted to have less chaos in my head and stress racing around my body. I wanted my health, my family time, my weekends, my sanity. I wanted to do a job I loved, get paid more than I was earning before and still have the time to run more through the trails.

My freedom lifestyle.

That was what I wanted. I didn’t actually want the Spanish villa, the fast cars and fast lifestyle. I wanted to continue making a difference because this is what I had done for 17 years in the health care system, i’m intrinsically focused on helping people live a better, healthier and happier life. It’s what I have always done and what I will always do, only this time I do it my way.

Because I am happier my professional life flows, because I am much more optimistic then I achieve my goals with speed and feel confident in setting new ones further out of my reach to begin with.

The question is what is your freedom lifestyle? What is your truth? Your purpose? Your driver? Let your freedom lifestyle be right for you, be aligned with your values, be reachable for you. Don’t strive to live someone else’s.