Goodbye clients because sometimes we need to let go.

Letting client’s go, firing clients or however you want to put it can actually be the healthiest thing you can do.

Yes I just said that 😮

When I first started I business I said yes to everything and anyone and I pulled out all the stops to make the fit and get the job done, saying goodbye to clients was the last thing I could contemplate.

Ever try forcing together two magnets at the same end and they repel each other… well sometimes I found this was happening but i’d stick it out;

  • Even if the client didn’t show up, gave me a late apology and rebooked but again failed to show.
  • No matter if the client showed little interest in making changes and I felt it was all one sided.
  • I allowed the acceptance of rolled out excuse and excuse about not being able to pay for the sessions we had.
  • Even if the client challenged my boundaries…

I still trrrriiiieeeed to make it work. 

Goodbye clients hello self and professional respect.

Something happened along the way which looked like me putting new boundaries in place. It was like, you know what? I’ve allowed myself to be treated like this and why? Because i’m afraid I won’t meet my bills this month. Real anxiety there but how am I ever going to break free from my own cycles if I don’t stand up for myself. Take myself seriously?  and something then changed inside me and I became aware of how some of my clients we’re not respecting me or my work.

So I had a shake up and became very clear with my new boundaries and how I communicated them. Working with client’s I want to get results and I want my clients to get results as painlessly as possible.

The leap of self-respect.

Some people we just don’t click with and some people are just not ready for whatever it is they want but whatever the reason when I become clear on this, have the appropriate dialogue and part ways.

I recently had this situation and it became obvious that my client wasn’t in the space for the big leaps she wanted to take and as the reason unfolded I knew I wasn’t the right person for her to work with so together we created a next step action plan for her to take and she touched base with me to tell me she had put that extra support in place much more appropriate for her and I felt then I was safely able to let her go.

Sometimes we want to hold on to those clients because we truly believe we can help them even though they yet don’t connect with that. For some people they are numbers they pay our bills but that’s not who our clients are.

When you genuinely and with confidence, manage your clients in this professional, caring but structured and focused way, then your thoughts and feelings play out in your actions and your actions are what attracts the right people to you getting those results you need.

I’ve fired clients, i’ve let client’s go, i’ve said no to clients and yet my appointments still get booked up. DON’T let fear be your boss, YOU BOSS the FEAR and you be the great leader in your business.


One of the questions I ask myself if I am unsure is; ‘do I feel I am being respected?’ Or ‘Am I respecting myself right now?’ I go with the feeling in the answer.

Be inspiring, be clear and be present with your needs, your business needs and your clients needs.

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