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  • One-to-one coaching sessions with me. This can be either face to face or via Skype | Face Time.

  • Each week you will receive a training video on one of the 8 key subjects.

  • Each week you will also receive a workbook and worksheets that supports your training video.

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  • One-to-one coaching sessions with me. This can be either face to face or via Skype | Face Time.

One simple investment here and you will be up and running with the confidence and ability to go out there and win from the start.

NO fear, NO procrastination, NO problem.

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Your 8-Week Boot Camp course for start-up entrepreneurs.

Having worked with and been inspired by businesswomen from around the UK, I have taken some of the most powerful and relevant parts of the success jigsaw and put them into one place, right here in this programme and its packed.

How do you make investors, associates, customers and employees see what you see to make your business grow?

How do you make your inspiration make an impact?

How do you deal with rough edges, sudden obstacles, rejections, stress and times when your perseverance nerve is on its last breath?

How do people achieve in business whilst achieving in their personal lives?

Answer: They learn how to IGNITE!

Filled with techniques, skills, strategies, information, research and humour, this boot camp really does pack a punch and will definitely strengthen your core confidence approach to success giving you measurable results fast.

“After my Pitching session I pitched to two companies to sell my products and I won them both. I dealt with their questions is a very different way and really impressed them. I earned back what I paid for this course in one month.” 

B.Mitchell • Ignite Course Delegate

“I’ve floated around for 1year trying to get my business off the ground, watching tonnes of free ‘how to’ videos but this course was right on the mark. My confidence, focus and productivity is amazing. I’m finally earning, I won an investment of £10,000 to get my business off the ground and I’m beginning to turn a profit simply because I have the confidence to get out there. No hustle needed! Best money I’ve spent on my professional development.”

S. Wells • Ignite Course Delegate

“Totally makes sense! Karen coaches in a way that you just get, she backs it up so you connect with the why’s making it a very different outcome for me. I always looked forward to my sessions and felt very powerful within myself afterwards. I loved the fact that she shares so much, nothing is held back. Karen is very passionate about others being successful and her focus on you is refreshing, it’s not a one size fits all approach. Do it!”

F. Jagger • Ignite Course Delegate