Want more energy in business?

“Karen I want more energy.” A cracking request from a client. I want more energy in me so I can put more energy in business in 2019.

Top Goal.

I get it. I personally run two businesses and manage the highs and lows the quick, fast and furious pace and the ‘hello is anyone out there?’ phases.  I have 2 kids one of which is a grumpy teenager and the other and 8 year old trying to be a teenager, both have very very different need.  I have a gorgeous partner, a home a big hobby that requires time, training and attention and a sense of humour to keep nurtured not to mention friendships.

Many people ask me WHERE I get my ENERGY from.

My energy in life and my energy in business.

Okay so the usual stuff first;

  • I eat well
  • I exercise
  • My partner and I talk about our stuff openly
  • I have awesome friends
  • I sneak in chocolate to the office
  • I listen to music that calms and inspires
  • I make sure I practice gratitude
  • Take the right supplements
  • I meditate
  • Don’t watch trashy negative and toxic tv
  • Don’t hang out with toxic people…

BUT the best energy boost I worked out though in my mid 30’s (yep took me that long) are….drum roll…

💥I STOPPED holding grudges
💥AND I STOPPED absorbing other people’s s**t like it was my own and then feeling pi**ed off about it!

Pausing for a moment here.

I was a rescuer in personality (hence trauma nursing for 15 hard grafting and exhausting years). If you had a problem, suddenly a twitch appeared in my right eye and just as Captain Underpants transforms it was like that inside. I HAD to find the solution for you, it was like a burning desire, a mission that only I could fulfil.

But if there was a sense if injustice (actual or by my limited world perception at that point), oh my wordy it ate me up.  It wasn’t an outwardly thing where I took on a victim mindset of someone else’s problems but I felt too much empathy. I had baggy boundaries about what was injustice for someone else and me being an observer.

Then If I got hurt or felt offended or experienced and injustice towards me I was almost ready to explode and the only way to deal with that was to cut people and things off. Not there then no pain right? Wrong.

☢️ I harboured. I twisted inside. I developed stress fractures in my health. It reduced my sleep, my thinking space and of course my energy.


We always joked that the GB sticker on the car was for ‘Grudge Bearer’ and that’s when it hit me, I needed to stop the energetic forces crossing over. I needed to tighten my boundaries. I needed to know who I was, where I was, where I was going and where the positive and anchoring forces were in my life.


Your stuff it your stuff but i’m here for you. I will listen, reframe, support, be mentor, coach, be mother, be friend, be partner but always no matter my role, I will always know who I am and where I stand and if I choose to move a little closer, that is my choice and I do so with awareness.

So where does my energy for my life come from?, Where does my energy in business come from? One of those sources is learning to let those grudges go.

Where do you get your sources of energy from?

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