Core resilience for women.


This course is having it’s 7th outing and I can’t wait to deliver it to you! It’s packed out with information, strategies, techniques and tonnes and tonnes of other stuff.

What do we look at? 

  • How to overcome ANY stressful situation in life, love, social and work.
  • The right strategy to achieve your life determinations.
  • Boundaries. I will show you how to tighten any baggy boundaries up.
  • Get assertive. Removing the myth and giving you the skills.
  • Manage toxic people and situations better.

How does this work?

I run this course over 5-weeks but you have the access to dive in as and when you need because I leave the group open for a lot longer.

The course is held in my private facebook group and once you have booked and paid for your course then I invite you in and that’s it, you take off.

The course is delivered in a mixed way such as;

  • Live videos
  • Pre recorded videos
  • PDF downloads
  • There are some Podcasts which are linked with SoundCloud
  • Extra links to other useful resources
  • Q&A time

Brace yourself because it’s all coming straight at you. 

Oh yes the cost!


Why so cost effective? Well I believe resilience is the key to our mental, emotional and physical health as well as supporting our external relationships and professional life. I deliver 5 key areas for you to solidly put your anchors down and feel some stability. Imagine how different the world would be if everyone had a little of this magic!

So this has always been my gift to women no matter their background, no matter their present state, no matter where they are in life or where they want to be.

You in? Just link up with me and let me know.


  • Closed Group: The Language of Success for Women
  • The Language of Business Success