Course Rundown

This is a 6-month programme and is delivered over 12 one-to-one coaching sessions with the model focusing on:

  Resistance         Release         Realign         Resilience

  • One-to-one coaching sessions with me.

  • Training videos.

  • Receive personally created model to support resilience development.

  • Receive my selected podcasts unique to this programme.

  • Emailed workbooks and worksheets to support your journey.

  • Receive one of my eCourse’s as a FREE gift.

  • You will also receive a 25% discount from my IGNITE! Course as a thank you that you can gift to someone else if you don’t wish to use it.

From Resistance to Resilience; remove obstacles between you and your life / business success.

This course is delivered to women who live with experiences such as; imposter syndrome, low self-esteem and confidence, overwhelm, stress and women who are stepping out of a way of life that has until now, held them back.

Are you always in warrior mode? Every day going into battle and ever day feeling battered and bruised and getting nowhere near the light at the end of this dark tunnel people talk about?

Is it time to embody ease with a feeling of spaciousness in life and get some clear focus and control of where you’re going?

Resistance to Resilience in life, money, business, relationships or anything else, this programme is designed for you.

“Socially awkward was an understatement when describing me until I completed Karen’s Resistance to resilience course. Karen helped me conquer some pretty intense fears. Karen’s coaching gives you skills and strategies that span all areas of your life, her work is transferrable and she’s right there to give you support, motivation, feedback or a kick up the arse whichever you need.”

C. Blacksmith, Leeds