Let’s rise and shine with a belly full of anxiety!

Oh yeah why not? Rise and shine? There’s none of that with me pre dawn let me tell you!

2am voices. I was happily asleep until my inner dialogue woke me up! 😕

That was my wake up call this morning, that subtle internal voice that chatters on until it finally wakes me up and then it clearly feels like 2am is a good time to offload its verbal critical blurb.

It’s really not!

I’m working head down at the moment putting a new eCourse together for you women who want to learn the art and science of getting your business off the ground. The type of course that puts the highly effective, congruent and confident power back into you.

But of course doing something like that brings up stuff in me. That old chatter designed to make me second guess myself, make me see the risk not the reward tries to pop in for some heavy negative influence.

Do YOU ever get that chatter?

Well this morning it boomed and by 4am I’d seriously had enough! Laying in the dark wasn’t helping so I got up and went down stairs where I could flick the light on.

I then wrote some key words down about how I was thinking and feeling. At the side of each one I wrote down whether that word or statement was a ‘thought or a fact.’

Bottom line was that not of them were facts.

2am noise to try and hold me back from doing what I really wanted to do that’s what it was.

I have a focus to help as many women as possible find their success and I know from personal experience that whenever I dare to take some big personal challenge on; then some big personal obstacles come my way.

But now I roll my sleeves up when they arrive and remind them of what they are; they are opportunities for me to transform something or myself. Opportunities for me to shine, to grow, to develop, to enrich myself and others.

Sure it maybe crap at the time but your inner wisdom is stronger. You are much more resourceful than you’ll ever know so explore your options, your alternatives and when faced with 2am voices of woe, fear, apprehension and doubt.

Bring out your self compassion to recognise the difference between thought and fact and tap into that baseline resilience there and then.