Self-confidence is the currency

Self-confidence is the currency we can use to support our purpose in anything we do and the goals that we work towards and yet for many people it can be a hard essence to grasp.

It feels so ‘normal’ to live with stress, upset, pain and suffering in areas of our lives that we don’t think to challenge it until we become drained. That drain can be from our self-worth and self-confidence, that drain can be from our health, our connection with certain people and time. We can lose so much time.

It’s a personal journey

Self-confidence is a personal journey and we each must nurture our own the right way for us, it isn’t something we can create and then hold on to. It’s like a living essence, it need caring for, feeding and space to grow without attention our self-confidence can struggle and become dormant.

But I do believe that everyone can improve their self-worth, everyone can become more comfortable in their own skin and rise above any challenge that they face and overcome it stronger, wiser and more compassionate with the world.

What is this bounce back?

Resilience is a favourite word of mine, I enjoy working with women to help them become more resilient in their life, more resilient in their business and therefore reach the success they really want.

Watch out for my next Core Resilience course for women, this is a 5-week course for £40.00 and it’s held on line, the content is available for 8-weeks so you can take your time to learn and absorb new skills, strategies and techniques.

Learn resilience in life and you’ll start to increase your self-confidence from the word go.

What is self-confidence made of? 

There are many strands that feed this essence and resilience is just one of them, like I said, it’s a journey and as we nurture our self-confidence through our learning and experiences we develop an awareness of each of those strands which can be different for us all.