Course Rundown

The Language of Success is a 12 module premium content programme that runs over one year and here’s what you get:

  • 2 half-day private coaching face-to-face* sessions (4 hours each).

  • One-to-one sessions (face-to-face or Skype).

  • My Language of Success podcast training series that only those on this programme have access to.

  • High impact and influential body language training for personal, social and professional success.

  • Training videos.

  • Strategy worksheets and workbooks.

  • Phone or email support between sessions if required or if inspiration hits me on something.

  • Receive one of my eCourse’s FREE as a gift.

  • Receive a back up how are you phone call 3 months after your programme has finished to support anything that has come up. This call is not trying to sell anything to you, it is a phone call focused just on you, where your at and if you need a support boost..

* Face-to-face coaching is subject to conditions of client being UK based, Skype appointments are available also.

Disclaimer: If I could give you overnight success I would and I would also be a millionaire riding on the back of an effervescent unicorn. Effort, persistence, focus and determination is required as well as knowing the reality: living a successful life is not living a life absent of problems and it is not a one time fix it job. We must work on ourselves constantly and evolve constantly to continue being the best we can be. See you on the programme.

In life we can learn many languages and my passion is to share the language of success.

Your biggest obstacles can be dismantled with one decision; the decision to take action right now and this programme is my flagship diamond programme designed to train, coach and mentor you to speak and live the language of happiness and success.

Because yes I believe you can have that cake and eat it.

This programme is designed for you to win in all areas of your life and we work together every step of the way.

This programme comes with a warning. Life as you know it will evolve and change and you will create a fusion between your happiness and your success whatever that means to you, just making that doubly clear.

“I decided to professionally retrain and change industries and from this start up my own law practice. I worked with Karen on her programme called Language of Success for Women and found this programme to be extremely well structured but flowed around what I needed. The support and back up was always there and I felt Karen’s approach was always present, genuine and quite frankly spot on, I owe my successful practice to the work we did together.”

S.Collins, Manchester