Want to connect with people but not sure how?

Sometimes we overlook the importance of connecting with people.

Let’s connect. The intention between people who get along or have the potential to get along, connecting though doesn’t always feel natural to many people

Connecting with another person can bring hope, joy, love and respect because when we connect we enrich our lives in so many wonderful and colourful ways.

So from love to friendships, business growth to income the ability to connect with others is an essential life skill that moves us forward, expands our lives and minds, brings new opportunities to us and prevents isolation. When we connect we get a sense of  fulfilment.

But the ability to connect with others and adapt the skill of connecting in different situations doesn’t come easy to a lot of people.

When I’m working with my clients they develop the understanding and ability to strengthen connection with someone by building rapport in a genuinely open way.

You may have heard of the mirroring, matching, leading and pacing behaviour we can subtly do in order to develop a stronger relationship with someone. We can show understanding, empathy, respect and other pro connecting behaviours through common gestures, however this isn’t the starting place of building a connection.

You must first consider the most important step in accepting or being accepted before moving on to a platform where you allow someone to connect or vice versa and that’s your ‘first impression.’

Ever taught to never judge a book by its cover but can’t help it?

You’re not the only one, and it’s all down to science.

One of the most evolved parts of your brain (the Limbic brain) processes those first impressions from about 0.4 seconds.

Your brain and your nervous system are working quickly together to decide if you’re safe or not, if you should trust this situation or person or not? Your body works to keep you safe. Don’t think this applies these days?

Would you start a relationship with someone you didn’t trust or feel safe with?
Would you stay friends with someone you didn’t trust or feel safe with?
Would you invest in or go into business with someone you didn’t trust or feel safe with?

After around 30 seconds your brain thinks it knows everything it needs to know to make a decision and then it becomes a fixed rule which becomes very very difficult to change.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression!”

With presence we connect.

Within that impression the most powerful approach you can have is to be present. When someone is present with us, we connect with them.

Next time you’re meeting someone new such as a client or a social engagement ask yourself:

What impression would I like to give?
How do I want this person to see me?

My advice is that you stay in alignment with who you are, don’t try to be someone you aren’t because that usually doesn’t work out that well.

Get your first impression right then you create the platform to creating a powerful and positive connection.