West Minster.

What can I say? This was my first time in so I dressed smartly and put my best northern accent on. Seriously though I couldn’t wait, i’m a new board member for the charity Paladin assisting high risk victims of stalking in England and in Wales. This is an absolute pleasure to be welcomed into such an amazing team and new management structure where we can make a real difference to so many women’s lives.

It was late in the day when I learnt I had the time to go down to London and join the team to meet with Baroness Royal, the founder of the Paladin charity and two amazing parents who had lost their beautiful daughter to her stalker. The whole experience was a lot to process and having spent some one to one time with those parents I needed time to myself to think. I upgraded my ticket so that I could be alone for a few hours and think, I watched the world fly by through the window yet time seemed to stand still.

I wasn’t sure what to do with myself or what to do with the experience I had had, gratefully at one of the stops a friend boarded and came to sit with me, we had some reflection and I was able to take some really strong points from it to include in my programmes. I feel grateful for my friendships and networks who open these opportunities up and I feel grateful to have experienced West Minster from the inside and kindness and friendless of those staff who worked there that evening.

Paladin is an amazing charity and I feel honoured to be a part of the movement forward over these next few years, working with women is my absolute focus and passion and I know the more opportunities that open up for me to reach out, the bigger the difference I can make.