I’m just asking?

WHEN we want to achieve something … anything… from the weekly shop to taking a day out somewhere to making our life bigger and better…we need to INCREASE ACTION.

Yes we know Karen, all coaches harper on about this. Nothing happens without action blah blah blah

Yeah okay I hear that you’ve heard it all before yet many of you are still setting the same goals that you know will make your life so much better. ‘Still’ setting them.

I did that. Set the same goal over and over and each time I somehow sabotaged it and each time I stopped striving.

🌀Sometimes I couldn’t see the point.
Fair dues then, drop the goal and back away slowly and live to tell the tale.

🌀Most times though, I knew my reason but the slog, the discomfort of challenges that inevitably rise up between myself and my victory dance swept away my mojo.

Game Changer

Then I learnt the secret weapons of all secret weapons (apart from resourcing and of course sweet chilli crackers) was being truly aware and I’m talking fully conscious, fully emotional and fully connected to, my purpose.

When my reason is BIG enough and my mojo gets flattened by some cheeky obstruction then I go back to my purpose and my reason why.

I reconnect with its importance to me and I let the light of my mojo blast out.

I can’t tell you enough how important your reason is and how it will help you make decisions, help you direct your energy and help you when the going gets tough.

Knowing why you get out of a warm, cozy and snuggly bed every morning to take the hard earned slogs the world throws at you, gives you the energy every day to keep going forward💜